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Fight for Justice

Build powerful mathematical arguments in the fight for systemic social and racial justice.

At the core of a responsive society is a commitment to  
justice and equality for all of its citizens. Students continue to show up as activists as the struggle for racial, social, gender and disability justice continues. Systemic health-care disparities and disproportionate impacts of a deadly pandemic continue to challenge what we know and how we use traditional mathematics.


Students fighting for justice are excited about their role as advocate and curious about their community needs and wants. Students are positioned as competent sense-makers by engaging their prior knowledge to address the problems that matter most to them.


Students make their thinking visible and build compelling arguments using qualitative/quantitative data to debate, while maintaining positive and productive peer relationships. Student cultivate critical relationships and partnerships to increase their access and impact for change.   


The Rochester Racial Justice Toolkit

The Rochester Racial Justice Toolkit is an online resource to help strengthen, sustain, inform, and empower deeper racial justice and anti-racism action, specifically helping folks who want to better understand (complex) intersectional identities, deeper racial justice dialogue and anti-racism action.

Using Identity and Agency to Frame Access and Equity

This presentation highlights aspects of mathematical identity and agency and how teachers can be more “identity-affirming; building on the work
of Aguirre, Ingram, and Martin.

Center Complex Identities: List
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