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Teaching AceIt!

Part 2. InspireMath. Day 2 of the Ghana project at Church of Christ Junior High school with Quinton Sherlock and Ace It Foundation. Quinton and his foundation creating an afterschool golf and academic enrichment program for students at the school. I thought I was observing but somehow ended up teaching 3 lessons but tried to demonstrate how critical thinking and problem solving is not only possible, but looks and feels different. Observations: (1) The students in comparison are the same as middle students anywhere- they want to be engaged. (2) it it easy to believe engagement is not possible for all our children because our ways of structure and organization are so traditional and exclusive.

I saw a 40 student class come alive and students really engage actively when we transformed an algebra experience into Creating linear functions around Ghanaian Easter Monday celebrations. Again this was very different from the UK GCSE-style text available. Saw more success. In fact it led us to disregard the labelling of who was the smartest in session. (3) Saw students really come alive at an afterschool gathering where M3 students came over to play chess, scrabble and sing. There is so much in all of our children. We really need the courage to reorganize beyond what traditional and textbook approaches allow.

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