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Center Complex Identities

Construct mathematical ideas through the lens of complex personal, racial and social identities

Students engage their individual and collective identities as assets through which to assess, construct and apply mathematical ideas.

Students consider their cultural identities as well as that of their peers as they approach mathematical tasks, asking how the mathematics applies to their local context, while also addressing applicability (or lack thereof) for other community or individual identities.

Students wonder about the identities of subjects of mathematics tasks with whom they are unfamiliar. For example, they may apply an empathetic lens to consider how communities described in a given task may be served, harmed, or unimpacted by the possible solutions to the task.


The Rochester Racial Justice Toolkit

The Rochester Racial Justice Toolkit is an online resource to help strengthen, sustain, inform, and empower deeper racial justice and anti-racism action, specifically helping folks who want to better understand (complex) intersectional identities, deeper racial justice dialogue and anti-racism action.

Using Identity and Agency to Frame Access and Equity

This presentation highlights aspects of mathematical identity and agency and how teachers can be more “identity-affirming; building on the work
of Aguirre, Ingram, and Martin.

Center Complex Identities: List
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