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Leverage Voice

Illuminate patterns of 
representation, resistance and resilience in the world

So much of what we see in mathematics today is captured through the representation and communication of patterns. In pursuit of this practice, responsive math learners explore current and historical data to uncover patterns that impact our communities and the world at large. Unveiling patterns is an important step in creating voice for communities.


Students search for patterns as an opportunity to illuminate excellence - in people and communities, shaped by a love of and respect for empowered human relationships. Students in the early grades learn to appreciate numerical patterns in common home and play experiences (favorite foods or choice-making), while students in the middle and high school grades might be pushed to search for patterns around such topics as employment, housing, wealth, migration, etc. that help them to both solve and pose problems.


Students work in collaboration to understand and leverage diverse perspectives in pursuit of leveraging their own voice and that of marginalized content experts.  


The Rochester Racial Justice Toolkit

The Rochester Racial Justice Toolkit is an online resource to help strengthen, sustain, inform, and empower deeper racial justice and anti-racism action, specifically helping folks who want to better understand (complex) intersectional identities, deeper racial justice dialogue and anti-racism action.

Using Identity and Agency to Frame Access and Equity

This presentation highlights aspects of mathematical identity and agency and how teachers can be more “identity-affirming; building on the work
of Aguirre, Ingram, and Martin.

Center Complex Identities: List
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